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What brand is good?
There are many air energy water heaters in the market. Which brand is good?
Space is not durable?
Equipment takes up space, it took a year or two to break down?
Service is not perfect?
No special care in the later stage, no maintenance?
Heat supply is unstable?
System operation is limited by environmental climate and fuel?
Not saving energy?
Too much noise affects the surrounding environment and wastes electricity?
High investment?
The price of the previous project is high, but it will take a long time to break down?
Your question is hepai not a problem!
Hepai air source heat pump
4 major advantages
Energy efficient
Improve climate
Stable and reliable
Easy to install
Energy efficient, all-weather operation
The power consumed by the heat pump is simply the energy used by the compressor to carry free heat from the air or water. Under the rated working conditions, the same amount of hot water is produced. Its energy consumption cost is 1/4 of electric water heating equipment, 1/3 of gas hot water equipment, and 2/3 of solar water heating equipment. Hot water equipment. Hepai's original ultra-energy-saving technology makes the Hepai heat pump unit more than 12% more energy-efficient than its peers.
It operates all day round throughout the year and……
Improve climate
The air energy heat pump utilizes heat in the air. It is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product that directly cools the earth. The air energy heat pump reduces the consumption of non-renewable organic matter such as coal, oil, natural gas, etc., and reduces the toxicity caused by burning these organic resources. Gas, greenhouse gases and haze weather particles, which are improvements in the Earth's climate.
Intelligent control, stable and reliable
The unit is controlled by microcomputer, no need for special management, water temperature, water level, start-up and shutdown can be set freely; the unit has automatic reset function of power-off memory.
The unit has built-in system high voltage protection, low voltage protection, phase protection, phase loss protection, start delay, over temperature protection and other protection devices.
Easy installation, wide application
The unit is compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, small in floor space, and can be placed in balconies, garages, basements, roofs, etc., without the need to set up a dedicated machine room.
The heat pump can be used as domestic hot water heating equipment and industrial production heating equipment; domestic hot water applications such as home, villa, school living area heating and other collective dormitory hot water supply.
Air energy water heaters, also known as "air source heat pump water heaters." "Air energy water heater" absorbs low-temperature heat from the air and vaporizes it through the fluo
First choice: inside the enclosed balcony, the enclosed balcony is a semi-open space, which can be mastered by itself; the water heater installed in this position can be used as air conditioning in summer……
The air energy water heater works according to the principle of “anti-cano”. Specifically, it is the “outdoor machine” as a heat exchanger to absorb……
Erfect franchisee cooperation policy
  • Market expectation

    The air source heat pump not only belongs to the northern market, but also raises the scale of the hot water and floor heating market.
  • Brand support

    Hepai New Energy Technology focuses on air energy heat pump strength manufacturers, focusing on the integrated service of heat pump industry for many years.
  • Training support

    The company will organize air energy product technical training from time to time, and “one-on-one” technical guidance from theory to practice.
  • Experience sharing

    Professional personnel share and service each agent and share rich market action experience to enhance the profitability of dealers.
  • Product support

    Has launched home air energy water heaters, special equipment series and other more than 60 specifications equipment.
  • Store support

    To provide partners with professional and unique vi storefront design solutions, all aspects of creating a home experience store.
  • Advertising support

    The new annual investment in new energy technology will be exposed to the brand in various channels such as the Internet.
  • Activity support

    During major holidays, the company provides marketing solutions for partners and provides sufficient material support.
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Four big advantage
Choose hepai four big advantage
Three services, quality service enjoyment
High-utility, green and low-carbon hot water equipment
Service system

Service system

“Doing it with your heart and letting customers move”, we always pay attention to the needs of our customers, listen patiently to the opinions of our customers, and wholeheartedly rush the customers, worry about the customers, and solve the difficulties of the customers.

Service standards

1. Senior engineers can provide free pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale online consultation, selection, and design services; 2. Technical engineers can provide central hot water system plan production and bid design for free; 3. Large-scale terminal engineering Can provide professional.
Service standards
Customer Care Center

Customer Care Center

The headquarters service center has opened a 400 service hotline (400-0508-958) to provide more services to customers, to ensure that customers receive timely, prompt and reasonable corresponding services, and regards during the holidays.

brand power

Focus on professional quality heat pump, do "safe" "energy saving", "environmental" and "stable" heat pump.

Core patent

At present, the company has a number of heat pump patents, and successfully applied to the products, has developed a variety of energy-saving equipment.


Modern factory and a number of intelligent air source pump production lines, strict implementation of product production standards and manufacturing processes.

Quality Assurance

10 years of quality witness, and send new energy technology to help customers solve problems quickly, so that you can quickly make a profit.
Keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry from time to time
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